Giovanni + Selena

... most fascinating places in the world. Yet we are much closer to home than you think. This wedding session took place in the Bauxite di Spinazzola quarry, in the Gravina in Puglia area towards Poggiorsini, in the heart of Alta Murgia.
Exploring the area before choosing the location for this wild wedding shoot, I was obviously struck by its beauty and uncontaminated landscape in contrast with the clear blue skies above Puglia. It’s like being in another world, detached from reality, in a dimension almost suspended between earth and sky. The reddish landscape, primitive and inhospitable, instantly calls to mind the Grand Canyon. The bride and groom, also wearing wild, western-style outfits, merge with the wilderness and the deep colours of the rock face surrounding the quarry. This fascinating place is a riot of shades of red, orange and pink, with spontaneous plants growing silently within.
The bride is wearing a wreath of flowers in her hair, and her bouquet was made almost exclusively using the shrubs and plants that grow in the quarry. This fascinating place is also a perfect option for a unique, sophisticated destination wedding.
Photos and videography: Youness Taouil
Couple: Giovanni and Selena
Make-up and hair stylist: Leda Enke
Bridal gown: Amelia Sbisà Atelier
Florist: Fiori D’Arancio
Assistants: Vincenzo Scorcia - Anto Nazima
Video editing: Francesco Bello Lorusso
Location: Puglia