Wedding photographer in Puglia


I’ve always loved to travel – and I don’t mean just physically. Life itself is a journey, and I like to have fun as I go, soaking up the positive feelings I get from the people around me.

People, places, animals: I capture the best in every situation and any subject, translating it into an image, just like my mind sees it.

A little about me

What makes a person a “photographer”? What features define this professional figure? There are probably dozens of answers, but my personal definition lies simply in self-examination, in our own being and feeling, in our experience and in the sensitivity conveyed via the camera, thus becoming a means to express ourselves and a different mode of expression compared to other forms of communication such as words, painting and art in general.

For me, photography is a journey made up of various factors that blend together, each one adding an extra stage – a special, stand-out feature that becomes part of our visual perception.
Light management helps me convey the idea: the use of lighting affects results, what I want to share and even the interpretation of the photograph. Therefore, each and every situation requires specific research and appropriate light management. Being self-taught, I believe in the importance of practical experience: snapping the photo is key, trying again and again until I get the result I’m after. My thirst for knowledge has led me to try out every photography genre.

Starting from an unexpected idea and translating it into images: this is my goal every time I shoot a photo session or make a video. My photographic experience touches on every sector, from advertising photography to still lifes, from fashion to wedding photography, from architectural to landscape photography. I love exploring all facets of the job, so as to enrich and refine my knowledge in the field.

Youness Taouil was born in Casablanca in 1981 and, after moving to Italy as a child, lived in Bologna for about 20 years. He moved to Bari, where he still lives and works, in 2011.


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