... they appear more tangible, they can almost be touched and take you back to the most exciting moments of your wedding.
Our albums, simple and elegant, are made with the highest quality and long lasting materials, with a wide choice of fabrics (real leather, canvas fabrics, cotton fabrics) and colors and countless customizations. Each album is custom-made, according to your tastes, hand-bound by artisans who with their skilled craftsmanship enrich your memories album with important details, recalling the style of your wedding through the design and the various packaging and details that are cared for scrupulously.
Our albums are made with traditional photographic paper (lux, silk, etc), with bright colors and accentuated contrasts. The print is also made in fine art, on the precious cotton paper; this type of refined and elegant paper gives even more value to the photographic reportage of your wedding with the high quality of printing and color rendering.
We also have wooden boxes, with different colors. In addition we have the box for the pendrive, with its wooden USB pen, which complete the packaging. They will be forever custodians of the memories of your most beautiful day.


Wood packaging and Elegance box usb