... wedding with eclectic and refined touches.
Featuring bright, vivid colours, this wedding session embodies pure romance and is a testament to perfect organisation.
With this photo shoot, I wanted to showcase the genuine feelings, the affinity between the couple and the cosy atmosphere that enveloped both ceremony and reception.
The joining of two kindred spirits always creates idyllic harmony, and it’s impossible not to give in to its uniqueness. This is where my perception captures every moment to make it last forever through an image.
The ceremony took place in the magnificent Basilica di San Nicola in the city of Bari, while the reception was organised at Tenuta Pinto, a country-chic masseria in step with the rustic, bucolic style chosen by the bride and groom.
Photographer: Youness Taouil
Couple: Fabrizio and Terry
Second photographer: Anto Nazima
Masseria: Tenuta Pinto