... as in others such as fashion, advertising and architecture.
Each of these photos represents the soul of Youness, of what makes me a photographer. These photos represent my deepest sensibility, my quest for perfect illumination, an elaborate, often wide-angle cropping, striving to exceed the limits enforced by most people. A photographic cropping that winks at my longtime passion – the movies – with explicitly cinematographic frames and a complete distortion of the locations, which appear different than they really are.
I often aim to decontextualize both photograph and couple, leading to an utterly charming photo.
My photos are a blend of chiaroscuro, even where the ambient lighting is unfit.
This style is the perfect way to highlight the landscape while always ensuring that the bride and groom take centre stage. Oddly enough, the artist that has most inspired me is not a photographer, but a painter – the maestro Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio.