... a mingling of diverse cultures and traditions for an unforgettable day. I really like mixed marriages because they coincide with my perception of the world and life. Bonds between people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds go beyond barriers, beyond prejudice and the limits that often curtail a pure, genuine love.
The location is the beautiful Masseria Montalbano. One of the oldest masserie in Puglia, it nestles among the centuries-old olive trees of the white city, Ostuni. With its picturesque village, it’s one of the most fascinating and popular wedding locations in the area.
This wedding session portrays a day of happiness and tears of joy, of fun and laughter. It shows two people made for each other and who have made their dreams come true.
With my pictures, I tried to capture their love-filled gazes, so their emotions and those of their guests will live on forever.
Photographer: Youness Taouil
Couple: Davide and Alessandra
Second photographer: Anto Nazima
Location: Masseria Montalbano