... precisely in Villa Cicolina, a breathtaking location immersed in the Tuscan countryside a few kilometers from Florence. We followed this foreign couple of Irish origins from the day before the wedding, during all the moments of their stay: with their closest friends and relatives, photographing their most sincere smiles and their truest emotions. The ceremony was very intimate and exciting, with the presence of only 20 people. Shortly before the wedding, the bride wrote a letter to the groom and the moment when the groom read it aloud (without showing up but only making her hear her voice) was very deep and felt, so much so that they both moved . The newlyweds appreciated all the places in the historic center of Montepulciano and also its beautiful countryside and the enchanting surrounding landscapes. The spouses were followed by a wedding planner and their entire stay was told with a detailed photographic reportage. I was able to perceive the deep feeling that binds these two guys right away and with my natural and spontaneous photographs I told their love story and I interpreted it with images as authentic and natural as possible, both through the photographs and through the wedding video and wedding trailer.

He saw it, not with his eyes but with his heart.
And she felt it. He could smell her and waited impatiently for that much desired moment.
And while they both waited for that perpetual embrace, the emotions took the place of the words and their eyes said what the voice could not have said.