Malich + Francesca

True feelings purify our souls, fill our hearts and let the light in.
To feel loved is truly wonderful for our souls. To love and be loved in return is the meaning of life. Giving our time to our beloved is good for the spirit. Life as a couple is the cradle of feelings expressed and highlighted in everyday life. In my photo sessions, I always look for the couple’s uniqueness and simplicity. An engagement shoot brings to life what the bride and groom feel for one another, and the photographer is on the lookout to catch any spontaneous caresses and hugs. Couples are themselves during engagement sessions, where everything is less formal and more natural.
A beloved story that underscores the importance of the genuine moments and simple gestures that inspire love and devotion nestled among the charming, gentle landscapes of the Itria Valley in the region of Puglia.
Photos and videography: Youness Taouil
Couple: Malich and Francesca
Assistant: Anto Nazima
Make-up: Leda Enke
Video editing: Francesco Bello Lorusso
Location: Puglia