Customs, traditions and colors.

This mixed Moroccan-Pakistani marriage embodies the customs of my land, Morocco. The bride protagonist of these wedding photographs has a particular importance for me because she is my sister, who was married in January 2020 in Denmark, in Copenhagen. From here comes the desire to want to tell with a few photographs a moment of the customs of weddings Moroccans and Arabs. The preciousness of the clothes, the richness of the fabrics, the Moroccan tradition, the particularity henna on the bride’s hands (a ritual that symbolizes a happy and prosperous marriage) are all precious and admirable moments of weddings as they are celebrated and take place in Morocco. For this destination wedding I wanted to emphasize above all the bride who, as the Moroccan tradition, wears several traditional and Berber clothes (the oldest) and precious jewels, from Morocco and other North African countries. The tattoo artists called naqqashah (i.e. the female painters) paint the hands and arms of the bride and they help in dress changes, embellishing it with refined and very showy jewels.

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