Practical advice

An aspect that I believe is very important in the organization of the wedding is the setting, intended both as floral and as “objects” and “theme”, which can also be included by something that the spouses love (music, books, cinema, travel , etc.), or the choice of a specific color, as well as the “mood” which can be rustic or modern, according to the tastes of the couple. In short, there is no limit to the imagination! Undoubtedly a set-up full of details reserved to make the photos “rich” and in general the whole wedding photo shoot, as it has more ideas from which to take inspiration for my shots. Consequently, it is not enough just to organize the wedding with a civil or religious ceremony and delegate the final “surrender” to the photographer, but you need to customize the wedding with all the details and mood you prefer, in order to make it as original and unique as possible, including a rich floral arrangement that will mainly enhance your event.

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